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Collective Worship

As a Church Aided School worship has a very high profile. We aim for it to be the beating heart of our school and an important part of our family's daily routine.
An act of worship is held everyday. Currently we have face to face worship in our school hall (half school at a time) worship in classes and over zoom, reflection time in our chapel and opportunities for child led worship by classes and groups on a weekly basis.

Worship could be led by the Headteacher, other staff members, or visitors, or the children may lead them themselves. We also visit the Cathedral several times a year. Worship is specifically Christian and in line with the principles of the Church of England. Major festivals are celebrated often with the support of the Cathedral. 

Prayers may be said at other times of the day such as before lunch and at the end of the day. Although we are a Church of England School, families associated with school attend various churches, are from other major world faiths or families of no faith

Parents have the right to withdraw children from collective worship. 


School Policies

Click on the school policies below for information about Collective Worship and the development of Spirituality at Ripon Cathedral School.

Our School Prayer

By Year 6 pupil


Impact of Worship

The school's Spiritual Council are responsible for supporting our school family in delivering high quality collective worship. In December 2021 they carried out a survey to gather children's views about worship and how it impacts on their lives.

How does worship help you in and out of school? 

It helps me when my family are in hospital.

Worship helps me in and out of school because it helps me make the right choices. 

Worship helps me to be a good person.

Worship helps me to not give up and try to be my best.

It helps me to care for people.

Worship helps me to show forgiveness.

It helps me to remember school values and use them daily.

Worship gives me a chance to reflect and think about my day.

I know what is right and wrong.

When I am angry worship helps calm me down

Shape of Worship

Our shape of worship was developed with the children to ensure that we have a consistent approach to worship. Liturgy was developed and agreed by our Spiritual Council who worked closely with staff from Ripon Cathedral to explore how liturgy changes across the Anglican year.

Click on the picture below to see our Shape of Worship.

Worship Online

We have produced lots of worship online. You can enjoy some of the worships that the children have made below.

Harvest Festival October 2021

Ambassadors 2021

Worship produced by children from inclusion week

Our Hopes

Our Nativity 2020

Our 3 Year Plan for Worship

Our 3 Year Plan, focuses on our Core Christian Values and our school vision to aspire, flourish and love. 

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development and British Values

At Ripon Cathedral School, we recognise that social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is central to the education of all pupils and permeates the whole curriculum, vision and ethos of the school. It is reflected in the behaviours of individuals, through worship, in interactions and also in the provision of teaching, resources and learning environments. In all aspects of SMSC we focus on our school’s vision and the contribution of SMSC to help members of our school in how they are aspiring, flourishing and loving.

Click below on our policy statement for more information.

Valuing All God's Children

Collective Worship Guidance

Inclusive, Invitational Inspiring

Rhythm of Life Resource

Liturgical Calendar

Pupil Survey of Collective Worship December 2021

Current Plan - Peace and Trust Spring 2022