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At Cathedral School we strongly believe in partnership and like to collaborate and work alongside others for the benefits of our children.

Some of the partnerships we have developed include the following:

Voice 21

We are delighted to work with Voice 21 to further embed oracy in our school. In 2016, Voice 21 published a major report on oracy and the state of speaking in the nation's schools. Despite the weight of evidence on the importance of oracy for learning and for students’ success beyond school, the research uncovered significant barriers to the coherent and comprehensive provision of oracy education. From their polling of over 1000 teachers and school leaders, it was found that in the vast majority of schools no one has formal responsibility for oracy and only a minority of teachers have had oracy related training and development. We are part of a growing number of schools who not only recognise the importance of oracy, but are now reflecting and acting on what we can do to improve how oracy is planned for and embedded in every classroom, throughout our school. 

Spanish University and L'Aneja

To support us with the provision of Spanish we have developed a successful partnership with the Universidad de Valladolid, Segovia. Through this important link we have been in contact and visited schools in Spain. In addition we annually welcome trainee teachers from their teacher training program who help our pupils develop a wider understanding of the Spanish culture.

One school we have developed a strong partnership is CEIP Fray Juan de la Cruz, Aneja in Segovia. Each year our children get the chance to visit Spain for a week and a return visit from our partner school return to Ripon in the Summer Term. We share a lot of friendship and learning in this partnership.

You can read about this partnership working here.

St Peter's School, Leeds

We have a long and well established partnership with St Peter's CE Primary School in Leeds. St Peter's is an outstanding church school in the heart of Leeds. In our year 5 class our children develop a pen pal connection, share information about where they live and get to visit each other in each school. Our school and St Peter's are in contrasting localities and this work benefits both parties.

St Aidan's

For a number of years we have partnered with St Aidan's in Harrogate for Computing.  St Aidan's is an outstanding high school academy. The technical team offer exceptional support and ensure that we can teach computing with a high quality, effective digital offer.

Diocese of Leeds

One significant partnership is with the Anglican Diocese of Leeds. The school has always had a positive link with the Diocesan Education Team offering to take part in all events and annually entering into a service level agreement with the team to benefit from high quality support and advice.


Curriculum Development

In our pursuit of excellence in learning we have worked with or visited a number of schools which demonstrate excellence.