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Our approach to Maths

At Cathedral, we approach maths using the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach. Concrete refers to using physical objects used to support the mathematical concepts. Pictorial refers to using drawings to represent the mathematical concepts. Abstract refers to using numbers to solve the problems.

We believe all three aspects of the CPA approach are vital to children developing a deep understanding of mathematical concepts from EYFS to Year 6. This hands-on approach aims to equip children with strong foundations which can be built on as they move through the school and beyond.

Morning Maths

Four times a week, children take part in a 30-minute morning maths session as well as their allocated maths lesson.

During morning maths, children spend 15 minutes independently working on number-based learning. The second 15 minutes is a taught session, where teachers spiral different aspects of the curriculum, such as: geometry, statistics, fractions and measurement to ensure that this knowledge is revisited regularly, giving children a secure understanding.

Maths Lessons

During maths lessons, each new topic that is introduced uses the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach, discussed above, develop knowledge in fluency, varied fluency, problem solving and reasoning. Children complete ‘children’s choice sheets’ where they can select their level of learning. If children feel they need a more scaffolded approach, they can start on 1 or 2 stars. If they are confident, they can start on 3 stars, before moving on to 4 stars and mindboggling challenges. This ensures children have independence as well as challenge and support.

Mental Maths and Times Tables

In Years 1 and 2 children build mental maths skills for addition and subtraction facts through, Numbots, direct teaching and weekly challenges.

From Year 2 to Year 6 children build times table skills for multiplication and division facts through Times Table Rock Stars, direct teaching, homework and weekly challenges.

Some children can feel afraid of maths and can become demotivated from quite a young age. However, here at Cathedral, we strive to put the magic into learning so that pupils develop mathematical fluency, reasoning and a love of number!

Mrs Beckett - Joint Head of Maths

Mathematics Specialist Teacher - Sheffield Hallam University

Mrs Babington - Joint Head of Maths

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