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We believe that language teaching is a vital part of preparing children to live in a global community and in the long run makes our children more employable. 

  • Children learn Spanish from Nursery to Year 6
  • Children are taught by our specialist Spanish teacher
  • We have a link with University de Valladolid and welcome a native speaker student teacher every year
  • We are developing links with schools in Spain
  • In Year 6 our children have the chance to spend a week in Segovia, Spain

Whilst most schools teach French, we teach Spanish because when we asked our community they chose Spanish above all other languages. 

Spanish is one of the fastest-growing languages in the world and it is spoken by an estimated 350 million people globally. Counting only native speakers, Spanish actually outranks English, which makes learning and teaching Spanish a sensible choice.

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Traditional Spanish Songs from Ripon Cathedral School on Vimeo.