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Expressive Arts

The 'Arts' curriculum at Cathedral School inspires the highest forms of human creativity. It is central to the work that we do.

Embedded in our Arts curriculum we offer a rich and engaging range of learning activities.  Starting with EYFS, children are immersed in a variety of sensory experiences such as drawing, art, imaginary worlds, music and singing.  Children are free to express themselves and encouraged to pursue activities that interest them and develop skills.  In addition we also offer a number of extra-curricular opportunities in the Arts which are enthusiastically taken up by children across the school. In KS1 and 2 children experience the Arts as separate and cross curricular learning experiences. The curriculum provides access for all students including those who are gifted and talented and those who need additional support.  Differentiation is achieved in different ways; through input, outcome or activity.  We ensure that the curriculum is inclusive of all students, their cultures and those in our local and wider area.  We recognise students’ strengths and nurture these in different ways.

Art and Design


Our intent is that art and design education engages, inspires and challenges pupils to think, explore and create.  They will develop skills to convey themselves through a range of media and have a deep knowledge and love of art, craft and design, appreciating how history and culture have been influenced by creative thinkers. 

 Art and Design Journey



Our intent is that children develop a love and appreciation for different types of music and learn to perform as an individual and in groups.

Music is a very important subject at Ripon Cathedral School as it supports the development of so many skills and abilities

Music Journey

"The expressive arts enrich all areas of the curriculum, teach the children to be resourceful and imaginative, and they provide other ways for children to express their ideas and learning."

End of year production of the Lion King 2019