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 Online Safety

 At Cathedral, we ensure all children are taught about online safety throughout the year from EYFS to Year 6. Using the National Online Safety resources, children are taught about:

 With social media continuing to grow, it is becoming a bigger part of primary children’s life. We teach children about many aspects relating to social media and gaming at school, however there are a range of fantastic parental guides provided by National Online Safety with all the most up to date information to support you and your family, which can be found below.

be kind online.pdf




how not to be a screen zombie.pdf




online bullying for children.pdf


online safety tips.pdf


reminders to be kind online.pdf






social pressures and likes.pdf





Please take a look at this handy online safety guide . 

Parental controls

Keeping your child safe on the internet

Talking with your chid about staying safe online and what to do if you any concerns

Videos/cartoons for 5-7 years about using computers safely

Site for 8-10 about using internet safely and what to do if they feel unsure

Site for 11-13 year olds

Parents- protecting your child from abuse online