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At Ripon Cathedral School we acknowledge the immense value of educational visits to children to support their wholistic development.

Learning Beyond the Classroom has a vital part to play in meeting the demands of a broad and balanced curriculum, and in achieving the goal of preparing children for life beyond school.

Educational visits, residential experiences and activities in the local area of the school and school grounds are an integral part of our whole school approach.


Learning Beyond the Classroom

Our programme ensures that children encounter a diverse range of opportunities and experiences that support the delivery of our curriculum.  It is our intent that when children leave Ripon Cathedral School that they have an understanding of themselves, with rich social capital that will help them to succeed in all aspects of our modern world.

Click on the image below to explore our programme at Ripon Cathedral School. Please note that at times due to availability or situations such as COVID, activities may not take place or be altered. The plan outlines our intended programme.

Enrichment Experiences

Year 6 at How Stean - caving, abseiling and gorge walking


Year 5 at Go Ape - treetop adventure


 Sponsored bounce and climb 


Year 3 and Year 4 at Beverley